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gold price per gram ukInvesting in gold is different than buying stocks or bonds, and while the price is subject to supply and demand, there are several factors that affect price of gold per gram in the uk.

While most investors have the perception that prices simply reflect inflation; higher rates of inflation lead to higher prices of gold. However, that’s not necessarily true. There are many hidden factors that manipulate the gold prices, but in general terms, most advisers only reference a few factors.

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What sways Gold prices

1. The first factor is rather basic and depends on the simple economics of supply and demand. This is the case in any product. If there is an increasing demand for gold, and suddenly the supply cannot meet the demand, prices will rise. Similarly, if the production of gold is affected by the strike of miners and supply falls, this will also lead to an increase in prices.

2. The second factor has to do with the policy on gold and silver and central banks. Central banks often invest in precious metals as a hedge against inflation. Moreover, other policies in the interest rate offered for savings also affect prices. Higher interest rates will cause people to invest in foreign currencies (dollar, yen, euros, pesos, etc.) as yields become older, while low interest rates will cause prices to rise because people will prefer to buy precious metals to protect against inflation.

3. The third factor is the prevailing social situation. In wartime, emergencies, political or economic uncertainty, the price soars as it acts as a safe haven and asset to protect and preserve wealth. Since one can be confident in the value of gold, people try to acquire as much gold as possible, in turn, pushing up the price of precious metals.

4. The fourth factor is the state of the economy. If the economy is in a downturn with the markets low, the gold price increases because more people choose to invest in gold and silver.

5. The fifth factor is the correlation between the price of oil and the price. Rising oil prices lead to higher inflation. That in turn leads to an increase in gold prices. Political instability in the oil-rich nations affects the supply, leading to higher oil prices and gold. In addition, rich countries should rebel against the use of oil money and insist that their oil be bought with gold metal value should rise.

6. The sixth factor is the USA dollar value. Since the dollar is the currency or coin that most of the world uses and trades, any fall in value will result in an increase in the price. The quotation of gold has always had this inverse relationship to the dollar since the dollar became the currency of world trade. If the dollar goes down, the price of precious metals rise. Considering all these factors, investors should invest in precious metals with skill, thus the reason most people rely on brokers more experienced in these investments.

Why Invest?

• In times of economic crisis, gold is the ultimate safe haven, not to mention it is an asset that allows us to diversify portfolios for pension funds and investments.

• Gold is the only asset that can offer you protection against inflation and deflation.

• Gold demand is increasing, particularly in industry and jewelry. These two sectors account for about 70% of global gold demand and have an annual increase of 5 to 8%.

• The closing of Gold mines has raised awareness for savers and investors about the risk of dynamic financial investments. Investors have become more interested in physical gold to protect portfolios.

• Prices have continued in a steady upward trend since 2000, and has more than quintupled during this period of 12 years

• Gold is a financial asset that can be completely private and not have to be part of any financial system.

• Gold is one of the few financial assets that are not the liable to someone else at the same time. Stocks, bonds and derivatives require the performance of an issuer or counterparty, but not Gold.

• Unlike any other asset, you can completely possess Gold without repercussions. For example, real estate will never be completely yours. If you think I’m wrong, try to stop paying your property taxes for several years and see if the government comes to repossess.

How much gold should you allocate to your investment portfolio?

Financial experts indicate that between 20% and 30% of your portfolio should be invested in gold, in contrast with a share of bonds, stocks, ETFs and futures, and should be considered a long term investment.

At one time it was very difficult for private investors to buy, store and sell gold in a simple, safe and cost effective manner but today, investing is much simpler if you pay attention to the factors that affect the price of gold per gram.

The Price of gold per gram Uk


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