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Gold silver com suitable for your Gold Retirement Account?

gold silver comDue to shifts in the economy, it is vital to select a reliable company that can secure your money. The company must also have the ability to assist you in growing the savings for when you retire. Once upon a time, it was simple to simply save your income, but in the modern era, it’s not sufficient, since currency is not a safe investment, at least not lately.

What is

Owned by Mike Maloney, – also known as gold silver com – is an investment company. Mr. Maloney has written several books on finance and the economy in general. He is also renowned as a stereo producer, with “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” being the most famous of his projects. He is very popular in the financial field and his greatly respected by dedicated investors. Mr. Maloney’s understanding of the selling and buying of precious metals is chronicled on The company’s target market is the everyday shopper.

What we liked about www goldsilver com?

This company’s website allures individuals who have a serious interest in investments. One unique aspect of this website is that, for disaster relief purposes, food supplies can be ordered directly from it, ensuring the safety of your investments and yourself. additionally provides precious metals (IRA approved), bullion jewelry, and collectible coins.

If that wasn’t enough, provides individual vault storage in facilities worldwide. They provide you with a newsletter, as well as a rundown of gold and financial markets. assists the homeless shelter, Turning Point, by presenting them with a portion of each sale, which no other company does. Even though most people are building their wealth by buying precious metals, this company is giving back, simply because they can.

What we didn’t like about gold silver com

www goldsilver comThere were three things we weren’t crazy about on, the first of which how easy it was for uninformed consumers to sign up for the insider program, which is a pricey membership. This program offers 2-minute briefings daily, precious metals reports, and other extras.

Another thing that concerned us was the lack of background history on On their website, you can locate a profile of their principals and mission statement, but if you tried to find more details about the company’s origins, you would have a hard time doing so.
The last issue we had was that the company contracts the vaults from established organizations, making’s shipping rates substantially high. It would be more economical to conduct business directly with other companies rather than paying such expensive shipping costs.

Goldsilver com reviews

According to the BBB’s website, has an A+ rating and has been accredited since 2009. The BBB stated that the company has just one complaint that was issued on March 10, 2013.

Trustlink gave 5 stars, with reviews indicating positive customer satisfaction on products, services, updates and knowledgeable staff.

One documented and resolved complained was seen on the BCA’s website, which stated that the company hadn’t updated their purchasing price despite the price of silver falling at that time. To be fair, that is not typical in this industry. replied to the complaint stating that the price of all silver bullion products changes in real time on their website (which is updated every 10 minutes) with the spot price of silver 24/7. As such, listed prices keep shifting throughout any given day.

A product price can’t be settled upon or “locked in” until an order is finalized as per’s terms and agreements. Each order and price can’t be finalized until either the total balance for the incoming order is obtained in advance, or an initial payment of 5% is made by debit/credit card. Each order is performed by the client online.

One client looked at a website price quote on August 13th, 2012, and although the price wasn’t locked in, the client sent a bank wire to the day after. As such, he was subjected to all price and market shifts until his funds were fully received and he finalized his online purchase. According to the BCA, has replied to and taken the complaint into consideration.
No reviews on reviews were found on Yelp, Citysearch, Insider Pages, Rip Off Report, or Yellow Pages.

Suggestions and thoughts

We rated gold silver com 3/5 stars since they were quite upfront in offering their prices, terms, and programs, and provided us with details about the individual in charge. Our review reflects only a portion of the company’s bigger picture. When viewing other review sites, we saw that there were numerous complaints, charges and fees, and therefore we subtracted a couple of points from what would have been a 5-star review.

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